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Hangzhou VANKEM food Ingredient CO.,Ltd

Grow with the times

The flavor of food is always in constant change.Depending on the research of food, VANKEM FOOD INGREDIENTS is focusing on the application and development of flavors,hydrocolloids,stabilizers and fermented products.

Since the past 14 years,we have been creating extraordinary things for food,growing with the times.

Solutions of different dairy&beverage

FLAVORDepending on 60 years’ flavor research of TAIYO CORPORATION,we are creating the real taste in balance.

STABILIZERWe offer systematic technical support in many field about beverage,dairy,pudding,jelly,candy,dessert and bakery products.

FERMENTED PRODUCTInnovative flavor combine with healthy fermentation concept,the flavor is unique,and we provide a variety of functional material to make the product more convenient.

HEALTHY INGREDIENTToday,consumers are caring about healthy food not only tasty food.So we provide a variety of functional raw material from America,Japan,Danmark,Indonesia,Switzerland etc.


With a steady stream of innovation power,our creative teams are always considering the customers needs and bringing the flavor science and technology into the quality and healthy life.We are combining authentic food with flavor art,bringing the enjoyment of soul,and opening up new opportunities for our customers.

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